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What to Expect in Solar Panel Install Henderson 

Once you decide to have Solar Panel Install Henderson, it’s time to prepare for the installation process. It varies depending on your house’s attributes since not all homes are the same. To ensure a smooth installation, work with an expert contractor. 

Solar Panel Install Henderson NV

The fundamental process of solar panel installation is as follows:

  •  Assessing your home’s location and design 

    Period: 1 - 4 weeks

    Proper planning is always the reason why something turns out a success; with Solar Panels Henderson, you and the contractor will discuss where and how to install the panels. The contractor will inspect the site and measure the dimensions needed to make a way to fit everything in place.

    The inspection includes the checking of the Roof Solar Panel Henderson  as if any damages need to be taken care of before they proceed with the installation. If your roof is fine and sturdy, the contractor can proceed with the design of the panels – planning where to install in the direction where the sun rises and its position at significant times of the day. Your solar contractor should understand the unique attributes of your house. With that, he can provide a suitable number, size, and style of the solar panels.

  • Securing a permit to your local government

    Period: 2- 8 weeks

    After the assessment of your roof, the design of the solar panels should be submitted to your local government to get a permit. The approval process depends from region to region, but you don’t have anything to be worried about. During this step, your contractor will be with you every step of the way during the permitting process.

  • Installing the solar panels

    Period: 1 - 7 days

    When you received the approval and now have a permit, the contractor can now proceed to the installation process. The contractor will order your solar panels and double-check if your roof is still structurally durable.

    Once the panels arrive, the solar panel crew will install the proper wiring and mounting equipment needed for the solar panels to work. They’ll be the ones to connect the solar panels and check if it’s perfectly working. The installation can be done within a day, depending on the size of the Solar Panel Install Henderson system.

  • Inspecting the solar panels

    Period: 2 – 3 weeks

    Before your solar panels can be officially turned on and used, your local government will have to have a final inspection first. They will send an inspector to check if the solar panels were installed properly. Depending on the municipal utility, they may choose to install a net meter. This would track the production of your solar panels and will allow your household to give off excess power to the electrical grid.

  • Activating your solar panels

    After the final inspection and you are finally approved, you may now turn on the switch and begin harvesting sunlight to power your home.

Solar Panel Install Henderson is a wise investment you shouldn’t miss. The installation process is not complicated, and the upfront cost is worth paying. With a trusted solar contractor, the process would be made easier and trouble-free.