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What Kind of Solar Inverters Henderson Do You Need?

A solar panel inverter is one of the most essential components of your solar power system. It is the one responsible for turning raw direct current (DC) that was generated by the panels into alternating current (AC) to power your home. You can think of it as a power adapter since it allows a battery-based independent power system to work on conventional appliances. It is essential to choose the best fitting solar inverters Henderson to maximize your system’s energy production. It is better if you find an inverter that has a low failure rate with a good warranty.

Solar Inverters Henderson NV

There are three types of solar inverters, and as a consumer, you would want to know which one is more beneficial.

  1. String Inverters

    Often referred to as centralized inverters, string inverters are the most common type of inverter. With this, your panels are arranged and wired together in rows of strings where the energy that the panels produce is sent to the string inverter. It converts DC from each of the strings of the solar panels to AC power. String inverters are usually located on the side of your house, basement, or garage.


    • It is easy to maintain.

    • It is cost-effective and is the most affordable option.


    • It can adapt and produce as much energy as the least performing panel.

    • It is not aesthetically pleasing as it can take up space.

    Performance under shade:

    String solar inverters Henderson energy by groups of panels; if one panel is less productive, you can lose some of the production efficiency it should provide especially if your roof is shaded. This happens because the string inverter converts an equal amount of electricity from each panel in the string.

  2. Microinverters

    Unlike string inverters, microinverters are installed underneath each Solar Panels Henderson, if possible, on the racking of the system. It converts DC energy to AC energy instantly without having to go through a process like string inverters. It is ideal for homeowners with various slopes on their roofs or obstructions like chimneys.


    • Low productive panels do not affect the production of the whole solar power system.

    • You can immediately tell which panel is flawed or broken.

    • It doesn’t eat up space and wouldn’t cause any eyesore since it is tucked beneath the solar panels.


    • It is a bit more expensive than string inverters.

    • Maintenance is complicated since it is located on the roof.

    Performance under shade:

    Since it converts DC to AC from each individual solar panel, a shaded panel wouldn’t affect the production of the whole system. The shaded panels would have limited production but will not interfere with unshaded panels to produce full electricity

  3. Power Optimizers

    Power optimizers share similarities with both string inverters and microinverters. Just like a microinverter, it has module-level powers however it involves a string inverter as well. It is also installed underneath each panel, but instead of converting DC to AC on the spot, it has to send it to the accompanying string inverter. It is just a more efficient DC to AC conversion process since DC is already optimized.


    • It is more affordable than the microinverter.

    • It comes with 25 years of warranty.


    • Maintenance is costly.

    Performance under shade:

    It works the same as a microinverter as it allows each panel to contribute to the production based on how much they are producing and not minding those panels who are low performing.

But what type of inverter should you invest in?

Look for solar inverters Henderson that is high quality and reliable enough with a good warranty. Choosing what’s best would depend on the specific solar project you are going for. If you’re Install Solar Panels Henderson a large solar power system like 20kW or higher, string inverters are ideal for they are the most scalable. For a typical residential with some roof shading, microinverters and power optimizers would be more suitable.