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Importance of Efficiency to Install Solar Panels Henderson

One of the essential things to consider when planning to install solar panels Henderson is the efficiency ratings. You want a solar power system capable of performing high ratings. The efficiency of solar panels is a measure of how much sunlight is converted into usable electricity. With higher efficiency ratings, the more electricity is transformed to power your household.

Solar technology has been continuously improving Solar Panels Henderson by increasing its performance and decreasing their costs. Today, most solar panels have efficiencies of 15% to 23%. Note that solar panels with efficiencies higher than average come at a higher cost. 

Install Solar Panels Henderson NV

What are the factors that can impact the efficiency of solar panels?

The efficiency can be impacted by many things, such as: 

  • Material – the efficiency can be determined by the type of solar cell used. Monocrystalline, polycrystalline, cadmium telluride and more can have different characteristics on how they convert sunlight into electricity.

  • Wiring – the type of wiring and its organization of wires and busing have an impact on the efficiency.

  • Reflection – if your solar panel reflects light away, its performance might be lowered.

What are the types of installations?

If you want to get the most out of your solar panel system, how it is installed according to space and architectural design is significant. 

  •  Roof-Mount 

    This solar installation is the most common yet ideal option for commercial and residential setups. It naturally faces the sun and wouldn’t take any space from your property – just your roof.


    • Roof Mount Solar Installation is easy to integrate with households and commercial facilities.

    • It only takes the space of your roof with minimal disruption to your family.

    • The installation is easy and fast.

    • It can act as additional protection to your Roof Solar Panel Henderson - reducing wear and tears.


    • You only have a limited number of panels to install

  • Pole Mounts

    It is the option when roof space is unavailable and insufficient. It uses an automatic tracker that can maximize sunlight and the generation of power.


    • It is one of the easiest types of installation.

    • Pole mount installations are the easiest to maintain and clean.

    • Increased airflow can improve performance.


    • It entails being placed on unused land.

    • To others, it is unsightly to be displayed.

    • It involves additional hardware that increases the installation cost.

  • Ground Mounts

    It is usually placed in a field or a yard that is wide and open to see the sun quite similar to pole mounts. It is an ideal choice for agricultural use or sites with huge land is available.


    • You can install solar panels Henderson anywhere as long as there is land that receives direct sunlight.

    • You can easily repair and clean solar panels without climbing to your roof.

    • Just like pole mounts, increased airflow from the ground will make your solar panels cooler and will convert more electricity effectively.


    • It is more expensive. Extra labor and material costs will be added to put up a ground mount installation.

    • It is not aesthetically pleasing for residentials.

  • Shelters

    Popular for smart engineering and design in making use of alternative spaces, shelters are both functional and affordable.


    • It doesn’t take up ground space.

    • Due to low installation cost, shelters can deliver a faster return on investment.


    • It lacks positioning options since shelters are fixed in place on your roof.

When shopping to install solar panels Henderson, aside from efficiency ratings, consider the warranty, power output rating, and the brand of the solar cells as well. It doesn’t mean that the highest efficient solar panel is the most suitable for your home. There are standard high-quality solar panels that can well cover your electric needs. Also, discuss with your hired professional solar installer to help you in buying the best solar panel in Henderson.