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Keep Your House Warm with Solar Heating Henderson

There are two main types of solar energy; solar photovoltaic system and solar thermal system. To make it simple, solar photovoltaic systems absorb light and convert it into usable electricity through silicon-based technology. Solar thermal or solar heating Henderson is used for water heating or space heating. The panels on the roof collect sunlight and use the energy to heat liquid in tubes, wherein it is transported into a tank for use.

Solar Heating Henderson NV

There are two basic types of solar thermal collector:

  1. Evacuated or Vacuum Tube Collectors

    It is made up of many individual rows of glass pipes that are vacuum-sealed just like thermos bottles. These pipes are exposed facing the sun. Evacuated tube collectors are more advisable for cold climates with their high performing efficiency on cold and cloudy days.

  2. Flat Plate Collectors

    You’ll see this as a flat glass-covered panel that consists of copper tubes inside it. Liquid flows through the copper piping to heat it before it exits the collector. It is more cost-effective for its simple design, easy Install Solar Panels Henderson, and lower cost.

What are the Benefits of Solar Heating?

  • Cost savings

    According to, the cost of heating depends if it is included in your electric or gas bill. If you’re using a gas heater, the average monthly cost is $40, while electricity would be around $160 per month. Using solar heating panels Henderson will remarkably lessen these costs and have significantly lower winter bills.

  • An infinite supply of energy

    With a solar thermal system, you don’t have to worry about power shortages or loss since you solely depend on the sun’s free and abundant energy alone.

  • Reduce air pollution

    It reduces the amount of greenhouse gas production - reducing the consumption of oil, propane, and fossil fuels. Do note that heating systems that use petroleum products will continue to rise in expenses.

  • Works fine during winter

    As cost-effective as it is, modern solar thermal systems are improved to work more efficiently during the winter season. It can even heat domestic hot water.

Solar heating has many applications:

  1. Hot Water Supply

    The heat collected from your collectors is stored in a water tank that will remain hot for use. You don’t need lots of panels since a few can already satisfy your hot water needs. You’ll only need more than a few when you have a pool or a hot tub.

  2. Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating

    If you have features like floor heating in your home, solar heating Henderson can be used to heat the floor. Radiant floors use water from 90F to 120F for a heat source to circulate through the floor, and with a solar heating system, it can provide temperatures of 140F - an ideal solution.

  3. Steam Radiators

    Just like radiant floor heating, traditional radiators also circulate hot water to give off to your living space. The difference between it from floor heating is that it is placed on a wall or floorboard. Solar heating allows you to integrate this type of system into your solar thermal.

  4. Forced Air Heating

    You can also integrate your solar thermal to this type of heating. Most forced-air heating systems do not use hot water but heat the air using electric heaters fueled by gas. You can fix your ductwork with hot water coils to enable water from your thermal collectors to flow through the ductwork to run the fan of the forced air heating.

Solar heating Henderson can be integrated into many applications, from a cozy heated flooring to a nice warm pool. It is a cost-effective system that is easy and convenient. It would be nice to own a solar thermal system that harvests and collects the sun’s energy and satisfies all your heating needs.